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  • 1st appearance of Shang Chi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Shang-Chi is the 19 year old son of Fu Manchu. He is a living weapon, raised and trained rigorously in the mental and martial arts in his fathers Honan retreat.  Fu Manchu talks with his son as he is about to embark on his first mission. That mission is to kill DR. Petrie, the most evil man alive. He tells his son that this man is about to die of old age and natural causes and that this cannot be allowed for that peace must be denied him.   With unswerving loyalty Shang-Chi travels to Mayfair,London. But as Shang-Chi enters the London mansion of DR. Petrie, he begins to question his first mission and his role as an assassin. Knowing full well that killing this man is an abhorred action and it goes against everything he was taught. Shang knows and believes that his father is an honorable man and believes that his father's course of action must be correct.. Shang looks down at the old man as he stands over a sleeping Dr. Petrie. Suddenly the old mans eye snap open. Shang-Chi's instinctual reaction is swift and sure as he delivers a killing blow to the old man. Shang is now mad at himself that his training and obedience has taken over . Shang approaches the window to leave as his mind continues to rage with introspection, he doesn't  hear door open and wheelchair roll in." Stop where you are Chinaman!"  yells Sir Denis Nayland Smith as he holds a gun on the assassin. Smiths anger overtakes him as so does Shang-Chi as the assassin disarms the wheelchair bound man from his gun with a quick kick. As Shang prepares to leave he asks Smith "Why does he weep for this man. Dr. Petrie I am told that he was a foe of peace, the most evil of men." It is then that Shang-Chi learns of his fathers true nature as Nayland Smith lays it all out for the young assassin. Angered and in disbelief , Shang-Chi searches out his mother who lives in New York City in America to confirm these allegations. Upon his arrival she can see it in his face that he now knows the truth about his father.  Soon Shang-Chi arrives and enters his fathers New York International headquarters.  Inside the inner city building ,it appears similar to  an ancient fortress. Then suddenly four deadly men descend upon the intruder. Shang-Chi takes down 3 of his attackers very quickly. Shang identifies himself as the son of Fu Manchu to the warrior that remains standing. "Nevertheless your presence was not ordered here in the sanctum. Shang engages the deadly sumo named Tak and defeats him. As Shang finds his fathers laboratory he gets a glimpse of his fathers strange experiments. As Shang tries to find his father in this maze of a building he realizes he is being followed. He then is jumped by his attacker which happens to be a enraged gorilla. Shang nearly survives his encounter with the beast as he set the gorilla ablaze with a nearby torch. There at battles end Fu Manchu approaches his son.and speaks " Let there no violence between two members of the Manchu Dynasty". The discussion that follows is between father and son. Despite his fathers explanation, Shang believes his father to be mad. Shang-Chi's rejection of his father makes the decision that leaves them as implacable enemies. It is a decision his father claims cannot be altered.and commands his son to "leave this lair in repect and peace and know that every evil that I commands from this day on will be directed towards your doom."

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