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Brief History

The Special Executive are mercenaries who operate across space, time and alternate realities. Some of their members were recruited from a younger group, the Technet. They worked for the Gallifreyan Time Lords for a time, helping them against during a time war against the Order of the Black Sun soon after the Gallifreyans developed time travel. Later they were hired by Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne to bring Captain Britain from his native Earth-616 to testify at her trial; since his last encounter with Saturnyne had seen her abandon him and his friend Jackdaw to be killed by the Fury, the Executive invaded Braddock Manor in the middle of the night and kidnapped Captain Britain, rather than simply asking him. When it became clear that Saturnyne's prosecutor, Mandragon, was railroading her to ensure his own succession as her replacement, the Executive helped Captain Britain rescue Saturnyne and flee the trial back to Earth-616. The Executive briefly stopped off at Braddock Manor, but the same night they arrived, they were attacked by the Fury. Several of the Executive died before the Fury was temporarily disabled, and the remainder hastily left that reality.

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