guardiandevil801's Spawn review

Its fun and amazing time!!!!

I loved this movie.This is a good movie because it stays true to the character and brings action to it. I liked how it stayed to the origin story and showed great action scenes and really showed Spawn's jounery to be a hero.The cast was great and showed fantastic special effects.I giving it 5/5 because its really a great story great designs on the characters and its fun to watch .

Posted by steeloneil

it was a cool movie, but it didnt stay true to the origin of spawn. In the origin, Al Simmons was killed by Chapel, a member of youngblood. During the movie, McFarlane was in a copyright dispute with Rob Liefeld over the use of Chapel, so he changed spawns origin in the comic so it would fit the movie. Kinda lame, I know. Otherwise a fun movie though.

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