who liked the spawn hbo cartoon?

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me but at the time i was 13, and it was violent and had nudity. so that was an instant A+ in my books

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i was like 9 when it came out so my mom wouldn't let me watch it knowing about spawn but i have read some of the comics and i wanted to know how close is the cartoon to the comics?and if it was worth the time of watching it?

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I didn't read the comics passed issue 5 or something but the animated version is awesome. Definitely worth watching. I think it's pretty close to the comics, not 100% sure though.

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I recently got the boxset of all three season and I give it 7 thumbs up.

#7 Posted by Bobby X (1149 posts) - - Show Bio

It was awesome. Last time I watched was about 4 years ago and it was still very good. I know you can find used copies really cheap but its worth it regardless. A must-own if you are a Spawn fan. Damn, I might even go buy the new boxset even though I already own the single dvds. 
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Wasn't even old enough to know he had a show.
But from what I saw recently, I liked it.

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i've never seen it :(
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I have and it was a great show.

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I thought it was outstanding, except for the parts where McFarlane would do his weak Rod Serling impersonation before each episode as an introduction.  
I'd like to see The Boys translated to an HBO toon like Spawn was.
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thanks will buy!

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i just watched the first episode on youtube. i liked it.
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the first Spawn cartoon on HBO was awesome
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@Agent Buttons: yeah me too i like it
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I own all three seasons and I love every episode!

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It was the only good media publication of Spawn besides the comics themselves.

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loved the HBO series

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I thought it was pretty good, but used a little to much repeated stock animation.  For example, scenes with extensive dialogue would cut away to shots of the chains rattling around in forward and reverse.

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Really dig the animated series. A great medium for Spawn outside of the comic books; way better than the live-action movie (which was enjoyable entirely on its own, but all kinds of cheese).
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I loved it

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I was surprised by how good it really was.

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