Todd McFarlane Still Wants To See A 'Spawn' Movie

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@They Killed Cap! said:
I would love to see a good quality spawn movie
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Oh my God! They should set it in the 90s and have Rob Liefeld's help. Why not get Jamie Foxx the only thing better is a washed up rapper that can act and make the soundtrack. This would be awesome. I know they will never make it but wow do I wish they would. As a matter a fact I will go back and watch the old movie right now and maybe some of the HBO show... if I can even find it. Oh what am I saying I know I can't find it. Oh! I have the game for my DreamCast still! I will do that to fill the void.

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Currently Spawns a white guy. Comic book movies and shows sometimes use current versions of characters instead of original characters. What would everyone think about a Spawn movie that featured Jim Downing as the protagonist and Al Simmons as the villain?

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we already saw a spawn movie and are still paying for it!

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I feel like a new Spawn movie is completely unnecessary. I'm perfectly fine with the original and don't see how a new movie would do anything to expand upon the character or his universe. Besides, it seems like any sequel or reboot could only fail considering few non-comic readers probably even remember Spawn exists anymore. I mean, what studio is going to give this film a decent budget? If it happens it will likely be another Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance, Punisher: War Zone, or Jonah Hex.

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@Spawn92 said:

Everyone is saying that Spawn can't work because he isn't at the height of his popularity. Was Dredd popular during either films? Was Elektra or DareDevil at the pinnacle of their popularity when they got films? Considering the boom of Comic Movies I think Spawn could get another movie. Im still reading Spawn, and as of late, the comic is presented in a more cinematic way. They are basically stories that reflect "real" and "urban" crime dramas and dark action flicks... but with a hell soldier that tears people apart with chains. By the sounds of things, Todd has had an idea for a new Spawn movie for years that hasn't gotten picked up by anyone because people are quick to dismiss it due to the first Spawn movie. Using Dredd as a recent example, not all reboots turn out bad.

You realize for all intents and purposes, REGARDLESS of how GOOD the new Dredd movie actually is, that it was a box-office failure, right? The production crew is auctioning off props now for charity because they know there's no way another is getting made. Great movie, but worst example ever to prove your point.

And yes, Daredevil is quite more popular than you think.... and Elektra only because she was in the Daredevil movie and played by Jennifer Garner. Whoever those 12 or 13 people who saw Elektra in the theater were, they didn't go because of the character.

However, I think more people remember Spawn that we all think. It wouldn't pull in Iron Man or Dark Knight numbers, but would probably do as well as Kick-Ass or something along those lines.

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never been happy about jamie fox new until now

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