"Spawn" A hip hop album based on Spawn, October 31

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I posted this else where, so forgive me for spamming, but I didn't realize that Spawn had his own section :p So my apologies

I absolutely love Spawn and mister Spawn is my favorite comic book character period. Spawn does not get the attention that I feel he deserves, from a shitty movie and a animated show that was promised in 05 and was never spoken of after. I decided that I will give fans a badass concept album based on Todds creation.

I am a emcee/song-writer and producer, from South Florida who is trying to make a name for himself. Concept album I had always had in mind was making a super-hero or comic book theme hip hop album. I love to tell a good story, and diving into the Spawn universe and dark nature of the character would only make sense for this former idea, and now one of my upcoming projects. I'm a huge fucking nerd, and I love hip-hop, putting the 2 together was instinct.

I go to school at FAU and currently studying music. This project is being worked on by professionals as far as mixing, mastering, and instrumentals. The instrumentals and production will be TOP NOTCH and ORIGINAL instrumentals. Instrumentals will sound familiar and have the same vibe as new work from (Brotha Lynch Hung), kinda like if Dr.Dre were to work on a instrumental horror album... That is what I'm going for. Sound wise.

The album will be very lyrical and very dark and VERY fucked up

Here is what I'm working with. Its more of a EP than a album, that will STRICTLY and ONLY be based on Spawn. No talk of bitches or money or nothing. Example if you have no idea who Spawn is before listening to the EP, you will definitely know of who he is after.

5songs (about, more or less) breaking down the character and universe.

First song, which is just about finished, is called "Albert Francis Simmons"
With that song, I'm breaking down Al. From where he's from. His past. What he does for a living. Why he kills people. Who he works for. And pretty much just what makes this man tick, and why the devil is so interested in this man. Pretty much everything you need to know, prior of his murder.

What I need is help and Ideas. I'm not the only Spawn fan here, and I wanna make sure that I do the character justice and please first and foremost the people who know and love the character. I ask you, when you think of a Spawn hip-hop album (besides the fact that it sounds pretty lame) is what comes to mind. What would you like to hear, and want from that project.

I only know so much, I have quite a few of his comics, and own the show and movie. I will be basing the story around the comics, and samples will be used from the movie and TV show and games.

I need a biography on Spawn (Albert Francis Simmons). Not sure how accurate the shit on Wiki is and again I don't have all the comics, so I ask YOU for the intel. I need to know everything. I don't wanna say something, that's either A doesn't make sense, or B is not accurate to its origin.

This is a self funded project. I will not charge anything for it, It will be free to download. There will be a hard copy. I will not charge for the hard copy, so if you like the EP. Just pay for the shipping, and its yours.

What I need is song Ideas. Names for songs. What characters, you wanna see mentioned or talked about in the EP.

If you have or can get Samples, send them to me with the idea on how you see it being used. Or if something just sounds cool, send it.

Art. Like I said. I plan a physical copy of the EP. If you can draw, then I want your work. Original material ONLY . Depending on how many songs are gonna be on the album, there will be a cover art for each song. Also including EP cover art, back and inertial art. For your work to make the EP, you have to put your signature or logo or whatever, somewhere on your drawing. I don't want anyone claiming ownership on something that does not belong to them. You also have to put my name in the drawing. I.K.O. Your designing a Spawn album cover, so make it work.

The best work that is sent and most appropriate, will be used for the albums main cover.

Any ideas, sample, and art will be mentioned on the physical copy of the album.

This is something that I really am taking serious, and will be release, weather or not anyone here cares, or helps.

I want this project to be made and influenced by the fans. I want your take, ideas and criticism.


Please send all samples, art and ideas to this email. Or just post here.

OP5TV is the youtube channel.

If you wanna hear me spit, check out the "My Neighbor" remix

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That's nice

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