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Reneé, a young runaway, has her bravery and pain tolerance tested in exchange for a place to stay in an abandoned house. Later, Mark, the master of the house, drugs her and begins a sacrificial ceremony when Spawn intervenes. And even though Mark demonstrates a hypnotic power over others he comes in contact with, he wants Spawn's powers. Mark makes Spawn an offer to exchange powers and lives.

Reneé was a young runaway who was searching for a place to stay when she found out about Mark's house. When her friend introduced her to him he was in the mall using his powers to get money with his gang, who called him The Gate-Keeper, and was looking for a new member. Since her friend Ricky had recently left she thought a spot might be open. When Reneé asked to join them he put her through an initiation. He placed a cigarette between their arms and told her if she flinched before it burnt out she would not be accepted. Reneé accepted but she moved before it burnt out and she was forced to leave as Mark taunted her for her "weakness". Meanwhile Spawn is confronted by a demon who possessed the body of a young boy. The demon threatens Spawn but he wals away and the boys mother calls out to him, with the demon now gone he tells her he was just looking at a poster. Coincidentally the poster was that of the Creech, one of Greg Capullo's comics. Meanwhile Mark performed a special ritual in which he ate a cockroach and sat inside of a pentagram. Later Mark left to a club which he used his powers to get into, once inside however he is assaulted. Instead of fighting him however Mark uses his powers to force the man into thinking there were worms coming out from his mouth and forced into a state of shock as he begged for help. As Mark walked around the club he finds Reneé attempting to get drugs and tells her that he now believes her strong enough to join and invites her to the house. Once there he gives Reneé a drug called Laudanum. Soon however the drug makes her want to puke and she runs into the next room where she finds Ricky's body sealed in a bag, then Mark captures Reneé. Soon Mark is performing yet another ritual to "attract someone". Then Spawn appears and attacks Mark throwing him into the room where Reneé is in. When Spawn tries to free her Mark binds him when he ignites a special pentagram sealing him with the elements, blood and Black Cat Bone. There he offers Spawn a deal.

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