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Tremor and Spawn make their way to Twists mansion.

Tremor takes a more hidden route, while spawn takes a direct path, and fends off Twist's gaurds.

Finally Tremor has his oppurtunity to interogate Twist, when suddenly he is shot at by his own brother! Who apparently has been a Mafia henchmen ever since his family died.

Tremor tries to convince his brother david that he is still his brother, however David still believes that his brother had died with the rest of the family. Suddenly Spawn shows up, and badly beats up David, unfortunately angering Tremor.

It is after this that Tremor takes his weakened brother out of the Twist Mansion, in order to get him some medical help.

Spawn however does what he does best, and threatens Twist with yet another file he's found, afterwards he tells him to back off the fitzgerald family.

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