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Violator and Spawn fight brutally until Malebolgia intervenes, explaining to them that they are both his minions in his battle against Heaven. Malebolgia also punishes Violator for his unscheduled killing spree, locking him in his clown form.

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Everything Gets Answered 0

Finally, everything gets answered. Spawn's job is to get more recruits for Malbolgia by using his powers to kill criminals. Violator gets demoted for all the crap he did earlier (anyone else think he sounds like Gilbert Gottfried?), and now Spawn has absolutely nothing to do and just wanders the streets. That's a real problem: Spawn can't use his powers, because it'll bring him closer to losing his soul, as well as adding evil people to Hell's army. But wait...can't he just be a NORMAL vigilante...

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Spawn # 4 0

Spawn And Violator Battle It Out! Violator takes out spawns heart and spawn says he would'nt need it.Spawn and Violator chop off each others arms in one part and Spawn blasts the violator with all his might with the power of his NecroPlasm.Violator starts to pound Spawn til Spawn Blasts Him Once Again!Malbolgia comes in and Stops the battle and suspends violator from his powers or Demon Form.Then Spawn Takes Off!...

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