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Rafael had become the new Head Of Terran Affairs after Gabrielle had abused her power. As she's preparing herself for a meeting with someone Spawn heads up to the building she works at climbing it with his talons. When the old woman whom Rafael was waiting for comes in to her office treats her with high respect and the woman tells her to call her Mary after Rafael's mother and they begin to talk about plans for the future when Spawn breaks through the window. He grabs the old woman and demands the room to be cleared of all except Rafael. He then demands Bobby's release, threatening the oddly powerful old woman with death if he's not heeded. Rafael although resistant agrees and orders the return of Bobby. Bobby is teleported back down to Earth but The Redeemer comes along with him. Spawn is ready to leave when Rafael orders the Redeemer to attack Spawn. During the fight Spawn's suit takes control and protects Spawn keeping him away from danger while Bobby tries to escape and stops to help the old woman. During the suit's attack it viciously cuts off The Redeemer's left hand using the cape as a sort of blade. Elemental fire begins to spew from the wound and Spawn uses the distraction to go help the old woman. While he's distracted by this The Redeemer attacks him head on with a powerful blast that knocks him and Bobby to the next room just as the cavalry arrives. They begin to open fire and in a last ditch effort to escape Spawn teleports Bobby and himself into the alleys knocking Spawn unconscious. Bobby in a frantic mess tells Cogliostro that something was wrong with Spawn. There Cogliostro calmed Bobby down and told him that Spawn had just survived a battle with God back in the building. Back at the Terran Headquarters the angels and Rafael are fighting among themselves about the person who should be held responsible for the attack. The old woman interrupts their argument and explains that the security and defense systems had worked perfectly. They were designed to ward of nonbelievers and truly evil beings and explained that Spawn was neither and was confused just like them proving to her that neither side was truly ready for the great battle. As it turns out the old woman had allowed Spawn to attack the base because he was fighting for a friend and then explained to the angel's the complexity of Spawn's situation. She then flies of to the Heavens with one final quote about Spawn's fate and how he was destined to be "The One".

This issue also contain a six page back-up story by Alan Moore entitled "Blood Feud: Preludes and Nocturnes." In this story, The Curse is violently tortured and coerced by monster hunter John Sansker into claiming that Spawn drank the blood of children.

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