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Phillip Krahn was born to a strictly religious family and he soon became obsessed with religion as time went by because of it. Krahn went to New York talking to himself about his past and present. Spawn had just Seen Chapel kill his friend Bobby and then commit suicide. Spawn then used his powers to bring Bobby back to life. Unfortunately this left Spawn in a bad shape and was too weak to react when Phillip Krahn shot him in the back with a massive laser beam from his mechanical arm. Phillip as it turns out had dawned th mantle of The Curse and had been searching for Spawn to kill him and take his powers. As Spawn was lying on the ground his bum friends distracted a cop so that they could help him. Meanwhile The Curse began preaching to the bums that had helped him find Spawn and told him how he had cut off his right arm and severely scarred his eyes, then he told them of how he was shunned and became a rich man while still seeking to get into Heaven. As he was preaching however Spawn shot off his mechanical arm. After insulting The Curse and unknowingly insulting his religion when he called his master sick, The Curse attacked him and beat him. As the Curse gloated to the bums Spawn rose up and began to Savagely beat The Curse as the bums tried desperately to stop him.

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