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Spawn what you can say about it other then it’s one of those pivotal charters like Bat-man or Captain America , Spawn is one  of those  charters that kick off Ind. comic book movement  just like Savage Dragon  , Shadow Hawk  , and now I see is  back to his  root  true believers  by doing  BATMAN: YEAR TWO: FEAR THE REAPER ( but my money  he  known forevre as the  man  who gave spawn  .

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    Less Is More 0

    Meet Spawn, a hero with no memory. He is a hero with no past, no secret identity, no idea who he really is. That means he has no baggage. This is the perfect jumping on point! The bits and pieces that he does remember are this: love and hate; good and bad. He was betrayed and given a raw deal; now he's damned to walk the earth with a really long cape, lots of chains and pouches around his thigh. He's Frank Miller's The Dark Knight crossbred with The Amazing Spider-Man black symbiote costume with...

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    Spawn #1 0

    Very well drawn comic with a plot that will catch your attention. A must read for any comic book reader. This was the 2nd comic which I bought in the image universe and it turned me into a fan that will continue on for years. Todd McFarlane delivers with eye popping clarity why he is on of the best artists out there....

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