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The Big Bang

Ah, the 90's. We so often look at them with a mixture of resentment, embarrassment, and condescension. Say what you will, at one point Todd McFarlane was dead center at the forefront of the comic book art world. Personally, I think he's somewhere in between the reviled Liefeld and the venerated Jim Lee. What I mean by that is that he's lost some of his relevance, but his art still holds up today. As far as the contents of this debut issue goes, the title of the inaugural arc sums it all up perfectly. "Questions." Frankly, I wish I wasn't already familiar with the Spawn backstory prior to reading this because it would have made for some good mystery. Not a whole lot happens, and Todd takes his time setting up Spawn and his world. I give this four stars (more like a 3.75) because while at the time it was like the big bang in its significance to the comic book world, at the core, we have an interesting story taking its baby steps, as well as some truly phenomenal artwork. Even if you're not a big Spawn fan, I'd still recommend this as an interesting footnote in comics history as well, as a great showcase of McFarlane's talent. 

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Posted by Silkcuts

Liefeld sucks!
Thanks for reviewing this, I wanted to review the 4 guest issues and possibly the 3 Grant Morrison issues but got lazy to reread them.
I think your pretty on point with this review.

Posted by dewboy01

Ive got this first issue, very collectible and a lot of money.

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