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Spawn 0

  Spawn what you can say about it other then it’s one of those pivotal charters like Bat-man or Captain America , Spawn is one  of those  charters that kick off Ind. comic book movement  just like Savage Dragon  , Shadow Hawk  , and now I see is  back to his  root  true believers  by doing  BATMAN: YEAR TWO: FEAR THE REAPER ( but my money  he  known forevre as the  man  who gave spawn  .STTBMach...

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It Begins 0

My current roommate is a fan, so I decided to look at one of the many books he has.  I find it ironic how people call so much crap on Leifield for what he did in the 90's, but I don't hear much on McFarlane, despite clearly sharing elements (Look at the Simmon's military flashback, and tell me that gun and armor don't look like Leifield creations). Heck, everyone in the book keeps on referring to the horrid Youngblood. A semi-amnesiac  Spawn is wandering the streets after he died 5 years ago. Hi...

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McFarlane Spawns a Badass 0

I give you mad props for going with your gut on this, Todd. I heard you had this idea since high school. I'm really, really, REALLY, glad you stuck to that dream to make a new chronicle in comic book history. An excellent story and interesting cast of characters, SPAWN #! is an instant original. Amazing. Spectacular. UBER PWNAGE! All these words describe it. I loved it and have bought #1-4 of Spawn Origins, and have never looked back and sure as hell (pun intended) don't regret it. You have a cr...

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Demon or Angel? 0

Long ago, actually a really really long time ago this comic came out and the industry went kind of crazy for awhile. Spawn would go on to rival spiderman in sales but we all know now his longevity never stood the test of time. Well this is his first appearance and collectors loved it then and still do now. My own mint condition copies five in total now down from an original ten fetch quite a few bucks nowadays. Spawn was a hero steeped in darkness on a road of redemption. For a bold new lease on...

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The Big Bang 0

Ah, the 90's. We so often look at them with a mixture of resentment, embarrassment, and condescension. Say what you will, at one point Todd McFarlane was dead center at the forefront of the comic book art world. Personally, I think he's somewhere in between the reviled Liefeld and the venerated Jim Lee. What I mean by that is that he's lost some of his relevance, but his art still holds up today. As far as the contents of this debut issue goes, the title of the inaugural arc sums it all up perfe...

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Take Two - SPAWN 0

For my freshman review here on Comicvine, I picked a recent "Oldie but Goodie" Spawn #1. When looking at this tale for so many of us who still remember the birth of Venom and some who even remember the first appearance of Wolverine.  Beyond that the birth of the X-Men themselves makes the creation of Spawn seem somewhat like small potatoes. Let's take a minute and find out why Spawn's first appearance on the scene was anything but...  The McFarlane FactorLove him or hate him there is no denying ...

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Spawn #1 0

Very well drawn comic with a plot that will catch your attention. A must read for any comic book reader. This was the 2nd comic which I bought in the image universe and it turned me into a fan that will continue on for years. Todd McFarlane delivers with eye popping clarity why he is on of the best artists out there....

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