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Sparkle Park is a woman who was kidnapped by a mentally unstable woman, and rescued by Shadoweyes.

Due to this, she became Shadoweyes friend. Later on, she also became Shadoweyes sidekick, Swirlysweetstarshimmer.

When she was last seen, she was being attacked by the insane girl again. What happens next, will be seen in Shadoweyes unmasked.


Sparkle, full of bubbling energy and enthusiasm, cannot be contained. She loves magic and fantasy, spaceships and the moon, and the operatic grimness of brooding warriors. Sparkle is rarely ever bored and is almost always doing something and never resting, eager to keep having fun, her curiosity driving her to learn and experience more and more. She is caring, genuine, and open, without the smallest hint of irony or sarcasm. Many people find her too intense or too talky, something that Sparkle often realizes but still never really slows her down. Sparkle longs for close, intense companionship, and when Shadoweyes shows up on the scene, Sparkle is enamored and latches onto the blue superhero and never lets go.

Sparkle has terminal lung cancer and her life expectancy is unknown but predicted to be short (she also has toes and fingers missing, but it`s not lethal) but she tries not to let this slow her down. Besides being a powerhouse of card-playing fury in her local Pony Circle, Sparkle is getting started as an amateur photographer, doing mostly self-portraits and cityscape shots, and whatever other time she has she spends creating her own clothes and writing fanfiction.

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