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Lime Hosokawa
Lime Hosokawa was Brights former partner. They used to do demonstration shows for their inventions. During their time together, she also developed a crush on him that he did not reciprocate. As a inventor herself, she invented a costume and various gadgets in order to become Spark Girl. She then decided to come to Gray City to find Bright. After finding out he still has no feelings for her she decided to help Bright by capturing and revealing Shadow Lady's secret identity, as part of a plot to steal her powers to use them for good. She then met Aimi and discussed their lives to one another and became friends. Bright then decided to let her stay at his place while she is in town. She also left a challenge for Shadow Lady a night ago saying she is number two. Reading this Shadow Lady became infuriated.

The Challenge

Suiting up

Later that night when Bright left she suited up and prepared for her battle with Shadow Lady. She then waited for her challenge to Shadow Lady on the top of a T.V. antenae. When she arrived she revealed a T.V. crew will be showing their fight broadcasted to the city. Shadow Lady is able to dodge her attacks but eventually Lime puts her into a arm hold and reveals she knows her weakness. Shadow Lady then hits her in the gut and tries to get away from her to think. As she is thinking Lime sees her and  throws her electric baton at her to paralyze her. As Shadow Lady falls Lime catches her and prepares to reveals her identity to the audience. Lime then rubs the eye shadow off and everyone watches Shadow Ladys costume dissolve. Unfortunately Aimi appears in her cat costume and revealed to Lime that she put on extra eye shadow to protect her identity. Aimi then leaves but not before shredding Spark Girls costume off to embarass her. As she is clinking on a rope Bright comes and rescues her. How she came into knowledge about how to reverse Shadow Lady's transformation is still mildly unclear.
Lime reveals Shadow Lady identity to the city.


Electric baton
Lime has no real powers other than being skilled in martial arts and other forms of hand to hand combat, and intelligence to build gagets. When she wear her power suit she has access to electric batons, and grappyling hooks. She has four grapplying hook on her suit. They are located on her arms and back pack.

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