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Being an American of Puerto Rican AND Mexican descent, I have to say, the Spanglish kills this series for me. I know HEAPS of Latinos who do NOT speak that way, including myself and everyone in my family. They either speak in English or they speak in Spanish. I've never gotten the fascination with "Spanglish" in the entertainment world when it comes to the portrayal of Latino characters.

I find it a forced reminder of what the characters ethnicity is and it comes off bogus. 
The only positive thing for me in this book was the art. Too bad it was surrounded with forced cliche'd banter and characters. Not every Latino is a version of a family member on the George Lopez show. 

And I drive a KIA. I know it's hard to believe that I don't drive a convertible Low Rider but "hijo de la chingada" it's true Vato! Orale!! 

Posted by Battlepig

Don't you see, amigo? It's to show that they're hispanic and they fully embrace their hispanicness by being hispanic and not afraid of showing their hispanicity! It's also completely dumb and quite far from reality. Sure, I come from a bilingual upbringing as well and the two languages are spoken evenly in our family. And even if we switch languages mid-conversation, it's not like we do it every other word. We do it at some grammatically logical point, like at the end of a sentence. And that's not because we are grammar nazis or anything, but because this comes naturally. Or, what happens quite frequently as well is that one person speaks language A and the other responds using language B.

But in comics, I have never come across a bilingual conversation in comics that was credible and/or felt natural.

Posted by Rixec

Tony Bedard is ALSO of Puerto Rican descent and he says the Spanglish will lesson over the next few issues. And to say it is terrible just b/c there is Spanglish seems... dumb. You didn't even talk about the story. And I've heard people speak Spanglish. And what does the type of car have to do with anything? I've seen plenty of people ride convertibles.

Edited by TheArmandoShow

I didn't speak about the story because as I said, the Spanglish killed it for me. I'm going to try and read it again and overlook it. 
By the way, I never said no one speaks that way or drives those cars but I've personally seen enough of that particular portrayal being the one that seems to be the go to whenever Latinos are the featured player in a story.

Posted by TheArmandoShow
@Rixec: Is there a Tony Bedard interview somewhere I'm missing? I'd actually like to read that.
Posted by Rixec

@TheArmandoShow: Here are all the interviews I have and a forum topic where Tony Bedard has posted and mentioned about the Spanish lessoning. Look for the user named tonybedard and you'll know it's him.

This is the forum topic.

Posted by MetropolisKid41

Bedard is part Latino. I am from Texas and I believe the spanglish he portrays is pretty accurate for the area that the story takes place in.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Sounds like you're over-sensitive.

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