doomdoomdoom's Spaceman #1 - Chapter One: This I Land review

...I'm a Rocket Man

First Five Pages: Astronaut rock, paper, scissors, middle finger. Bad dreams and cyber sex. Apocalyptic life on Pier 31. A missing child who became famous by vying for adoption on a reality show...welcome to Azzarello and Risso's Spaceman.

Among the riff-raft that inhabits Pier 13, drug dealers, runaways, and Orson(show on the cover). Orson is an ape-like man who's is a little lacking in the intelligence department after being genetically engineered to to travel to Mars. Orson works on a junker, salvaging things from the waters of Pub City. While working one night Orson decides to take a drug that his pusher warned him earlier "came in strong". I don't want to give any more away so I'll stop here.

Overall, this was a solid first issue that does what a #1 should, grab your attention and bring you up to speed. My only complaint is the vibe of the city and it's derelicts come across as more interesting than Orson himself. I would recommend this specifically if your a fan of Azzarello!


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