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Originally published in Australian Cyclone Comics in the 1980s, the Southern Cross (II) was a member of the Southern Squadron, a super powered strike force put together by the Australian Military. Southern Squadron operated under the watchful eye of Coronal Ralph Rivers (formerly the Australian Golden Age hero The Crimson Comet).

Without the cane close by Davis could move small objects and with effort items up to 5kg a small way. Once implanted (the implant was developed by the C.S.I.R.O), with the aid of the cane in near proximity, he could easily fly at high speed (could fly from Sydney to Brisbane in under 10 minutes which is an hour flight on a commercial air line), move cars, and stop a hail of bullets in their tracks. On one incident, when de-caned by an enemy, he was able to save himself from being shot by telekinetically holding the firing pin.

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