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Soulcutter is more then just a magical sword, it is a symbol of the true Lord of Hell. Who ever possesses it is the true ruler of Hell...Until someone else wields it.


Satan- Possesses and uses it to torture Wolverine's soul while in Hell

Sabretooth- Picks up the sword after Wolverine disarms Satan, He is able to shout "Kneel before Sabretooth" before being disarmed.

Wolverine- Disarms Sabretooth and then uses Soulcutter to cut off his head. All of Hell bows before Wolverine, but instead he throws the back to the mob, and uses the confusion to try to escape Hell.

Puck- Puck is the last known wielder and he plans on using it to escape Hell.


Other then being a symbol of the Lord of Hell, Soulcutter can cause wounds that can never be healed. It cut both the flesh and the soul.

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