aztek_the_lost's Soul Kiss #2 - Chapter 2: The Pretender review

Seagle is a Writing Genius!

Now, I honestly have no recollection of why I ever started this series in the first place but knowing me it was either because in adding 90% of the new comics to this site I personally added four of the five issues and when I add comics to this database I usually like to do a little research on them (the series released its final issue yesterday -- yes I know I'm a little behind) OR it was simply because of the sexy covers. Either way, I decided the comic was worth my time unlike many others and gave the first issue a try.

Now, needless to say, I came to love the story, and the art too is quite amazing if I do say so myself (though I doubt its many people's styles), call me different. Anyways, I have now finally read issue two and the series got one hundred times better, which is why I'm already crying that it was only a five issue mini...I can't see it ending that soon without being rushed but I'm trying to stay hopeful.

Now, this review may not be satisfactory for you if you were looking for spoilers but my main reason for reviewing this is to get it out there on the site, and hopefully allow at least one person to learn of the comic's existence. That and I haven't reviewed a comic in a while and I felt I needed too.

Anyways, if this isn't enough to encourage you to pick up this mini I will tell you what the series is about...

A girl makes a deal with Satan in a time of peril, but it causes an incident that she wishes to repair and now the only way she can is to make a second deal with him, what happens next...well, I won't know until I pick up issue three.

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was this ever collected in a trade?

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