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K`rll is a member of the alien race known as the Deonists (who worshipped a being named The One Above All

: not the Celestial). In the past the Deonists had a symbionic relationship with him until he died fighting off an alien armada. Using the energy to sustain their world they began to capture god-like beings as powerful batteries.

The remaining Deonists, calling themselves the Soul Survivors,

captured Odin in an attempt to use his powers as they had previously. But when the Asgardian Gods came to rescue him, one of the Soul Survivors made a construct of the psionic energy from the stolen power of Odin to battle them, but failing its purpose the Soul Survivors were defeated. Later K`rll attemped to recreate such construct absorbing the life force of his fellow Soul Survivors, thus killing them all. During the Kree/Shi`ar War, when the Nega-Bomb exploded and killed off the trillions of souls, K`rll absorbed their souls as well. Quasar, Makkari, and Kismet were sent by the Mourners to find out why the Kree victims never had a true death. When arrived they encountered the gigantic Soul-Eater who wanted to absorb the cosmic entity Origin. Quasar entered the Soul-Eater and convinced the souls that were inside to resist him. This caused the Soul-Eater to explode and release his captive souls.

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