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Current Events

Soranik in The New 52's Green Lantern series

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 served as the final entry in the story arc for The Rise of the Third Army. Guy Gardner travels to find Kilowog in subterranean Oa and reacquired his ring. At the same time reinforcements of Lanterns arrive and offer their support (including Soranik Natu.) Elsewhere John Stewart and Fatality are on Mogo and witnessing its rebirth after previously being destroyed in the War of the Green Lanterns story arc. Guy leads a diversionary attack on Oa and engages the Guardians of the Universe in a brief battle before the arrival of the New Guardians (including Carol Ferris and Kyle Rayner), the Manhunters and the Red Lanterns. The combined power is too much for the Guardians to deal with so they instead tap the power of the First Lantern. The result is a surge of power to which the outcome is unknown.

Soranik Natu has also appeared a few times in the new Green Lantern series, acting mostly in her capacity as a medical doctor for the Green Lantern Corps and their allies, such as Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps.


Dr. Soranik Natu joins the new Green Lantern Corps

Soranik's background is more convoluted than is readily apparent from her early appearances. She is initially portrayed as a gifted surgeon and bearer of the horrible legacy of Green Lantern ring bearer for the planet of Korugar, a curse for a people who still resent the actions of a former ringbearer, Thaal Sinestro. Her parents incidentally were never mentioned until her true lineage was revealed. Although she was raised by the Natus, her father is actually Sinestro, and she was hidden from him since a young age to protect her. During her upbringing she excelled in the sciences and eventually became a skilled surgeon. Due to the disdain which the denizens of her planet have for the Green Lantern Corps, she rejected the ring numerous times before finally only accepting so that she could perform a difficult surgery. She begrudgingly reported for service to the Corps afterwards.

As her parents are Thaal Sinestro and Arin Sur, she is in fact only half Korugaran as her mother is a native of Ungara.

Character Evolution

Soranik and her partner training with Kilowog

Over the course of the Green Lantern Corps series, Soranik's character development has been one of the major driving factors of many plots. She starts out as with many of her fellow Korugarians, somewhat distrustful of the Green Power Ring, even believing at one point that it is cursed and that she is not worthy of wearing it or of controlling its power. With the tutelage of others (especially Guy Gardner) she learns that she has great potential as a ring bearer and that it is her responsibility to be an active member of the Corps. She is thus a major player in a number of significant major story arcs or crossovers including the Corps - Sinestro Corps War, Ring Quest, and Blackest Night for instance. All the while that she is a member of the Corps she tries to balance this with her role as a Korugarian. She is initially shunned, finally excepted and eventually revered. A defining aspect of her personality becomes her romantic relationship with Kyle Rayner (although the two are no longer a couple following the events of War of the Green Lanterns and the DC reboot.) Another defining relationship is that with her partner. She is initially unreceptive to her partner (Iolande), for reasons that speak more to Soranik than to Iolande, but the two eventually form a strong bond, becoming close allies and friends. This can be seen for instance during the events of Blackest Night when the two of them were instrumental in evacuating injured Green Lantern Corps members to Mogo.

Major Story Arcs

Soranik is chosen to be a Green Lantern

During the events of the miniseries Green Lantern: Recharge, Soranik is first portrayed as a skilled surgeon from the planet of Korugar. In the midst of a difficult surgery in which her patient is likely to die, she does what no other Korugarian would do, she accepts the ring so that she can save a life.

Natu quickly used the ring’s power to save her patient’s life. As is standard protocol for a Green Lantern following selection, she is taken to Oa for training although she informs the senior Lanterns that she has no interest in becoming a member of the Corps.

Iolande joins the Corps and becomes Soranik's new partner

Returning home she was ambushed by the Spider Guild, but due to the intervention of Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Green Man and Stel. Still adamant in her refusal of the Corps, Kyle forces her to reconsider.

Her first mission as a member of the Green Lantern Corps formed the one of the main story lines of the new ongoing Green Lantern Corps monthly series. She believed that her ring was cursed, although this was in fact her response to her own fear. During her training she was able to rally her fellow recruits against an invasion by the Spider Guild and she was granted membership in the Corps.

Soranik battles her father, Thaal Sinestro, on Korugar during the Sinestro Corps Wars

On her first mission with her partner Myyrt, her ring failed her at a crucial moment and her partner died as a result. She retreated to Oa for help and with the help of Guy Gardner determined the source of her partner's death, it in fact was not directly her fault, rather the manipulation of a prince who wished to become a Green Lantern, and did so at the expense of others' lives. This would lead to his eventual arrest and the selection of his sister (Iolande) as the replacement Corps member for the sector and Soranik's new partner.

Soranik and Iolande battle Mongul, who now has a yellow Sinestro Corp ring, on the planet of Mother Mercy

In the events leading up to the Sinestro Corps War, Soranik is confronted by the her predecessor (and unknown to herself at this time, her father) who wishes to see that that ring for the sector is in good hands and that she is well regarded by the members of the planet. Soranik played a secondary role in the events of the Sinestro Corps War, although her role in defeating Despotellis was key. Her next major story arc was Ring Quest, in which she and a number of other Lanterns (including Sodam Yat, Arisia, Kyle Rayner, Bzzd and Guy) traveled to the home planet of Mother Mercy in hopes of finding the source of a number of yellow power rings. They were eventually able to stop Mongul and to recruit mother mercy to the Green Lantern Corps.

In the buildup of events to Blackest Night Soranik experiences some major developments in her character, some of which pertain to the rewriting by the Guardians of the Book of Oa. As a medical professional she strongly opposes the decision to allow lethal force against enemies of the Corps, and despite a separate rule forbidding the romantic involvement between members of the corps, she and Kyle engage themselves as a couple.

Soranik talks out her problems with Iolande after she finds out Thaal Sinestro is her father

Sinestro once again confronts his daughter, informing her that she is in fact his daughter (this also explains the tattoo on her face - he placed it there as a tracer.) Although she is maybe ready to accept her genetic link to him, she rejects any other link and still regards the Natus as her parents.

As the Guardians stood by and tried to manipulate the chain of events, the Green Lantern Corps witnesses the gradual chain of events leading into Blackest Night. During this crossover Soranik was closely involved with the defense of Oa, including the triage and rescue of various injured Green Lanterns to Mogo as well as a direct confrontation with the Black Lantern Jade and the resuscitation of her then romantic interest Kyle (with the aid of Miri Riam).

With the planet and Central Power Battery thus defended she journeyed to Earth to join in the final assault on Nekron and his forces.

Soranik and Iolande protect the wounded when the Blackest Night falls over Oa

When Nekron was defeated, the Entity of Life resurrected twelve beings, and among them was Kyle's former lover, Jade. This caused some tension between the three, but Kyle ultimately elected to remain with Natu.

In the events leading up to and including the story arc Brightest Day, Natu was abducted by the Weaponer, the Qwardian who created her father's original yellow ring. The Weaponer sought to use her to take vengeance on Sinestro for all the suffering his decision to make Sinestro that ring had caused for his people.

During her captivity, Natu came to see signs of nobility in the Weaponer, but her elevated opinion of him was soon crushed when the Weaponer chose to join the Sinestro Corps when defeated and offered the opportunity.

After her release she was corrupted by her green power ring in the events leading up to the War of the Green Lanterns.

After the Earth based Green Lanterns stopped the threat she and Kyle broke off their relationship due to the strain of recent events.

Powers and Abilities

Soranik's force of will powers her ring to perform great feats along side her fellow Green Lanterns

Soranik Natu is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. She wields a green power ring (a detailed list of the abilities of a green power ring are listed on Green Power Ring page), which generally provides the abilities of flight, the creation of force constructs, the ability to survive in outer space, access to the information repositories of the Green Lantern Corps, and the ability to communicate with Corps members at great distances. As with any Green Lantern though it is the corps member themselves that determines the individual value of the ring, and despite her relative inexperience as a Corps member Soranik has proven repeatedly that she above average in her abilities. Her medical abilities are quite extensive, despite being a surgeon she has proven to be quite effective in other medical fields, such as obstetrics and immunology. Her medical training also gives her a sharply analytical mind, which translates to being a fair detective.


Dr. Soranik Natu of the Green Lantern Corps

Eyes: Violet

Hair: Black

Nationality: Korugaran

Place of Birth: Korugar

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Medical Doctor, member of the Green Lantern Corps

Known Relatives: Thaal Sinestro (father), Arin Sur (mother), Abin Sur (Uncle), Amon Sur (Cousin) , Karoll Natu (adoptive mother), Dgibb Natu (adoptive father)

Green Lantern Status: Active

Space Sector: 1417

Sector Partner: Princess Iolande

Predecessor: Tarkus Whin

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