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Living in the now totalitarianism New Jersey, run by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, Sophie was a waitress in a backwater Diner.  After talking to Bishop, and letting him know that she saw "a big guy with a weird eye, and a baby", she inadvertently allowed him to travel back in time to ambush Cable and Hope, as they entered the diner. After Bishop almost crushed Cable and Hope with a truck, she took the two to a safe place where she began to mend their wounds, talking her through the treatment he needed in order to avoid going to a doctor.  
After Sophie talked Cable through the state of the world, she revealed that her Father had been one of the few men to stand up to the Turnpike Authority, and had paid the price for it.  
She was also there when a future Cannonball came to meet up with Cable, taking Hope to safety as Cable assumed it was a military aircraft.  When Bishop caught up with the trio, Sophie drove Cable and Hope away from the confrontation between Bishop and Cannonball. She was also the catalyst for Cable's decision to stop running from Bishop, and take the fight to him. In the battle Against Bishop, and the Turnpike Authority, Sophie aided Cable, and shot Bishop multiple times. After she was thrown out of the fight by Bishop's powers, she visited the New Jersey Assembly, and killed the members for crimes against the State.  
Sophie was next seen she was leading the Turnpike Authority resistance as their chief. When Cable and Hope traveled towards the present, they ended up in a battle with the members of the resistance. Bishop, still pursuing Cable, managed to gather together his own force, and chased Sophie, Cable and the now older Hope through the streets of New Jersey. The driver of their jeep was killed, and the jeep crashed into a large rock, throwing the occupants from the vehicle. Cable and Hope traveled backwards in time to avoid injury, however, Sophie appeared to be killed in the crash.

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