Where do I start with archie sonic?

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Since I live in UK, the only sonic comic's I was able to buy were fleetway. Since fleetway stop making their comics, I grew an interest in archie sonic.    

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@Death Certificate:

  You may want start at 175 if you need to find an interest. If you want full knowhow you can check from the beginning at volume 0. Yes they started a volume. It get really dramatic in endgame arc which start at issue 47.
They are still making uk comic online them in this site.

I am American so I don’t have full knowledge with Fleetway's Sonic, other than what I can find in websites. They are start to putting the issues.     http://www.stcreruns.co.uk/   
  I think it should be considered continuity. They are start to putting the issues here.

http://www.stcreruns.co.uk/ . 

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