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#51 Posted by whoohoo789 (264 posts) - - Show Bio

@sonicman: i think tails sucks shadow rules

#52 Posted by UltimateHero0406 (2267 posts) - - Show Bio

1: Sonic Unleashed

2. Shadow

3. 3D

And other versions of Sonic are on a whole different level than his Video Game version

Archie Sonic

  • FTL in base
  • Near Planet Buster
  • Broke a dimension before
  • Overlord of PIS
  • Super form immune to literally everything
  • Once broke the time barrier

Anime Sonic:

  • Insane durability
  • Can survive in space in base form
  • Can style all over a mach rocket car

And I don't usually watch fan made stuff but this vid is pretty cool and relatively well made. Wish something like this was in the games though. Especially the very epic ending.

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