psychotime's Sonic Universe #9 - Echoes of the Past pt 1 review

"Don't push it, kid."

Wow, you know one thing I REALLY don't like about mainstream comics? The fact that most of the time, you need to have kept up with everything that's happened in continuity in order to have a clue what's going on, now. How do you expect to draw in new readers when they have to scour comic shops for back issues to be up to speed on a comic they just picked up?
Technically, this isn't a mainstream comic, but that's the problem here. This problem didn't occur in the main comic's new arc, so I didn't expect it to happen with this one. But low and behold, I have barely a clue as to what's going on.
Knuckles, his gung-ho girlfriend Juilie-Su, and sidekick Mighty the armadillo, are apparently made a pact with an ex-villain named General Stryker, and are now on a mission to kill some guy. All the important stuff to have any idea what's going on is only vaguely hinted at, with captions telling me which issues to read to know what's happening? I HATE THOSE! If you're starting a new story arc, simply tell me what's going on in a recap page! The other Sonic comic did! Why not this one!?
But, my anger aside, this one was actually much more interesting than the other one I read, as much more happened.
As Knuckles and crew search the Downunda (the place that Angel Island originated, clever name) for whoever the dude is (I can't even pronounce his name), Vector and Ray are conversating about stuff while they guard the Master Emerald (Ray seems to have a speech impediment). I also learn that Espio turned out to be a traitor in an earlier issue.
While in the Downunda, Mighty discovers the fate that befell a character from an earlier story arc, and the dude has apparently become battle hardened from the events. Knux notices that the ancient architecture of the area isn't echidna made, but he has no clue as to their origins and can only speculate, frustrated that he should know the answers by now.
While Knux ponders this, Su gets impatient and tries to move things along, but they fall into a death trap, with spiked walls closing in on them. Meanwhile an army of flying robot birds attack Ray and Vector and go for the master emerald (of course). We end on the normal types of cliffhangers.
As I said, back issues aside, this one was more enjoyable as a story than the other arc so far. I'll be keeping an eye on both arcs, though.

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