silverzeo's Sonic Universe #3 - Old Soldiers review

Gamma Vs. Omega

This has the best story so far in the comic's run. I liked the first issue, but many other panned it, and I felt the same way for the 2nd issue. But this was worth it.

In the Archie-Verse of Sonic the Hedgehog, E-102 Gamma wasn't destroyed in after his epic fight with the upgraded Beta and has spent this entire time, knocking off Eggman's bots all over Mobius. But after doing a job solo job for so long, Gamma is started to run down. This why Commander Tower sends Shadow in order to recruit the robot in order to repair for all the work he has done to help the world againist Robotnik, who is also sending his top agent, E-123 Omega, to Gamma, only to destory him.

This the first time we see Omega in the comics, aparently Eggman put him in storage and had him worked as a janitor (as in a gag strip in the end of the comic.) and he hunts down Gamma like Sabretooth does to Wolverine, which I could really feel in the story. We get a great deal of action and dialouge between the two bots while we see more depth in Shadow then we have in the games, as he traing to give living weapons a higher purpose than being weapons. A great issue with enough action to buy.


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