Would Vectorman fit in Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog

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It has been a while since we have Vectorman in Sega, so what if he became a character in the sonic universe. Vectorman time was in 2024 (or 2049 I am not sure) the time in the comic is 14016. He would be considered legendary relic come to life. This could be his way for a comeback. He deviate from the source a bit but that would be normal for this comic.

Short summery of Vectorman Games

In the games he was robot in charge of cleaning up toxic waste until insane robot named Warhead attached nuclear missile on his head w took over the world. Vectorman has to fight War head and many robots controlled by him. IN the second game after defeating warhead he later has to fights has mutant insect swarm leaded Black Widow Queen

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