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"Enemy Mine": A trip to Robotropolis to rescue the roboticized Overlanders baffles Sonic and Bunnie, as many of the Overlanders haven't even been roboticized! Meanwhile, Kodos has gone over the top, affected by radiation, leading Sonic and Bunnie to assist Arachnis in battle against Kodos as they attempt to make their way through the Great Forest. Is Kodos condition part of a bigger threat? Can Arachnis be trusted? And just what can Robotnik be up to by allowing the Overlanders to exist free of roboticization? The intrigue is enough to make a hedgehog hang up his sneakers, but our hero will soldier on! Plus, another thrilling back-up story featuring the ever popular Knuckles the Echidna! "Chosen One": His fellow echidnas may not have the answers to Knuckles' problem, but Athair believes he does, and recruits Tails, along with Merlin Prower, to assist with the solution, leading to the moment fans have been anxiously waiting... and enthusiastically asking... for ?? the ultimate destiny of Sonic's major domo revealed!

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