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"Family Matters": Sonic, Princess Sally, and the gang return to Knothole to find the kingdom in complete and utter turmoil! Prince Elias has been captured by Shadow-Bots who intend to roboticize him, and Queen Alicia undergoes a surgical operation to determine her fate once and for all, while King Max insists on storming Doctor Robotnik's HQ with his troops in order to save his son! As if all that isn't bad enough, Sonic must also confront his Uncle Chuck who is under Robotnik's control! Also, Knuckles stars in "The Road To Albion" Part 1 by Ken Penders, Steven Butler, and Pam Eklund: Knuckles finds himself drifting alone amid the raging waters after an energy wave sets off a massive explosion in Haven. Surrounded by nothingness, the ghostly image of his ancestor Althair appears to guide him on a journey to Albion, a journey not only of discovery but possible redemption and restoration. Will Knuckles finally be able to set things straight?

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