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Our 20th Anniversary of Sonic celebration ends with this blockbuster issue! Sonic tackles the treacherous Metropolis Zone alone, while Sally leads her friends through the perils of the Oil Ocean Zone! At the end of the gauntlet lies the Death Egg and an epic battle! Will the world ever be the same again?!

Tails is flying over the Metropolis zone while keeping in contact with Sonic, who is busy dealing with all the hazards in the zone. As he does this, Sonic thinks about how he left the other freedom fighters behind for their safety but wishes he had more friendly company with him. Meanwhile, the other freedom fighters are still in the Oil Ocean zone avoiding badniks while wishing they had tried harder to convince Sonic to stay with them. They try to hide behind two large containers but find a large trap and are ambushed by more badniks. Sally falls off a ledge and Boomer saves her while more of her memories start coming back. Antoine accidentally stumbled into a bunch of pipes that shoot him all over the place and, as he flies around, he accidentally destroys all the badniks and frees the animals that were in them. Sally then asks where the main oil valves are so they can shut them down. As Sonic continues through the zone, he makes jokes about the place while wishing the others were there to enjoy his jokes. After making it past more badniks, Sonic makes it to Eggman who then calls Sonic a rodent, triggering more of Sonic's memories as he realizes he's been called that before and that he and Eggman have been enemies much longer than he thought. Realizing that Sonic is starting to regain his memory, Eggman attacks Sonic with replicas of himself but the freedom fighters manage to shut down the oil, cutting off all power in the region including in the Metropolis zone, forcing Eggman to retreat. Sonic then contacts tails who arrives with the tornado. They notice that the earthquakes are getting worse and spot Eggman's Wing Fortress but Sonic realizes that it's just a decoy as he spots Eggman's rocket heading towards the Death Egg. Sonic then jumps from the plane and grabs onto Eggman's rocket as it heads to the Death Egg. As they arrive, Sonic looks at the planet and realizes that the whole planet is tearing apart. Eggman then explains to him that the planet is trying to return to what it once was but says that once he fires the robotizer, it will cement the dimensional rift and turn all living things into his robot slaves. Sonic starts to recall more of his memories of previous battles with Robotnik and knowing the world was once different, he thinks he can set it right but Eggman gets into a giant robot version of himself and attacks Sonic while telling him it's too late. Eggman dominates Sonic in battle and mentions that he himself doesn't remember everything from the previous world but knows that Sonic always got in his way but that Sonic won't win this time. Just as Eggman is about to finish Sonic, he tells him that the Death Egg is powered by the chaos emeralds and so Sonic grabs a power cable, which was broken during their battle, and uses the emeralds' power within it to become Super Sonic. As Super Sonic, the tables turn as Eggman finds himself helpless against him while Sonic tells him it's his fault for telling him what powered the Death Egg. Meanwhile, Snively tells Eggman that it seems that the dimensional stability has gone too far and that even the Death Egg won't be able to stop it and the planet will soon be torn apart. Hearing this, Sonic quickly gets rid of Eggman and then uses all of the power of the emeralds in the Death Egg to cause a chaos control in hopes that it will be able to set everything right. As he does, everything seems to go back to normal as a huge white light starts covering everything. As everyone starts to apparently gain back their memories, Sonic writes "Hi Sal" on a window in the Death Egg and he and Sally both say they will see each other again as everything fades into the bright light.

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