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'Genesis' Part Two: Sonic's 20th Anniversary Celebration kicks into high gear as the most talked about Sonic story EVER continues! Sonic joins his new friends Sally, Boomer and Antoine as they brave the treacherous Labyrinth Zone! What perils await them in these dark waters? Even if they do track down this 'Dr. Robotnik,' are they up to the challenge of defeating him?!

The freedom fighters find themselves in the labyrinth zone and feel that it seems familiar somehow. Sonic fools around a little and Sally says they need to hurry through and get to Eggman before another earthquake strikes. Sonic also asks Boomer how he knew how to get the robot from before to help them and said it seems to come naturally to him. Antoine helps Sally in traversing the area and Sonic gets jealous from the dialogue they exchange. They then reach an area filled with water and Sonic is reluctant to go into the water because he can't swim. Sally helps Sonic swim and Sonic thinks it's not as bad as he thought but then a group of orbinauts start attacking them. Sonic finds fighting them is hard under water but then notices a large crack and uses a spindash to break it, draining all the water and its contents. As the team is falling down a waterfall, Sonic and Sally jump over to a ledge, then they help Boomer as he jumps across, but they weren't able to save Antoine who seemingly falls down the waterfall to his death. As they make it to the Starlight Zone, Sonic feels bad for failing to save Antoine and Boomer but Sally don't seem to care much, making Sonic mad because he can't believe how unconcerned they are that their friend just died. However, Sally says that for some reason she refuses to believe that he died and they note how everything continues to seem familiar to them and Sally says they should fight their way to Eggman for Antoine. They manage to get past all the obstacles and badniks in the zone and get to the Scrap Brain Zone. While Sonic jokes about the name of the zone, Sally finds that the place seems to quiet when they all of a sudden find traps everywhere. Sonic is struck by an electric trap and Boomer gets caught in a trap door but Sally grabs him. Unfortunately, she finds he is too heavy but then Sonic recovers and helps Boomer while stating he won't let what happened to Antoine happen to him. As they search for Eggman, a force field appears around Sonic and they see Eggman inside of a tube. Sonic dodges all of Eggman's attacks but finds himself at a dead end. Eggman is then about to finish him when the hydraulics pipe dumps a lot of water and Antoine into the tube Eggman is in. Sonic rejoices that Antoine is alive and while Eggman is distracted by his sudden appearance, Sonic destroys the tube he's in. Sally and Boomer arrive and Eggman tries to sneak away through some other tubes but Sonic spots him trying to escape and chases after him and although Eggman makes it to his eggmobile, Sonic strikes it causing it to fall down a deep chasm. The Freedom fighters celebrate thinking Eggman's gone, but just like how Sally felt Antoine couldn't have died earlier, Sonic has the same feeling about Eggman and thinks they will see him again.

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