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"Mogul Rising": Life's been good for Sonic and is friends, but as any longtime reader of this series knows, that can't possibly last for long! That's because the once super-powerful villain Mammoth Mogul is threatening to revive the Fearsome Foursome... from behind bars! Just how can he accomplish that... and how will his plan put Sonic's closest friends in the greatest danger? It's a fistful of mystery and shocking revelations as only Sonic can deliver!

Plus: "The Misfit Badniks Salty, Soggy Sequel": The classic Sonic team of Mike Gallagher and Dave Manak are back for a brand-new, modern-day Sonic classic loaded with some of the most popular classic Sonic villains including the original version of Metal Sonic known as Pseudo-Sonic!

Mina Mongoose returns from her world concert tour right after the big Enerjak battle but an old enemy is about to make a come back, and will turn more of Sonic's friends into baddies!

Also, the Old Badniks from the classic Sonic games in the 90's are back wet and soggy.

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