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"Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy" Part One: A tribute to the Guardians of the Galaxy, brought to you by the team that most recently brought us their exploits, writer Mike Gallagher and artist Jim Valentino! In an alternate future, Sonic comes back to Mobius after being in space for a thousand years to find the planet in worse shape than when he left it. Teaming up with the decedents of the original Freedom Fighters, our heroes combat an evil so great, they wish the original Robotnik was back! Plus: The return of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, squaring off against the Bunyip in a tale recalling the early days of the Sonic comic series by Mike Gallagher, Dave Manak, and Harvo.

Alternate reality Sonic gets blasted away for thousand years by Robotnik. With Robnik having an advantage he destroyed Mobius leaving it now just husk shell its remains. Sonic and the descendents Freedom Fighters protect of what remains of their galaxy.

The other story is the origin of the Downunda Freedom Fighters and their search for replacement for Walt Wallaby when he is away at Acorn Secret Service.

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