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Continuing our special tie-in tales with Sega's mega-successful Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game! It's an epic to end all epics, as our heroes valiantly try to restore order from the reign of terror that has befallen them, the terror known as Chaos! Based on the fast-paced, free-wheeling Sonic Adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast platform, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters must face an evil entity out to obliterate their very existence! All the while, the despicable Dr. Robotnik watches, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of the situation! The stakes get even higher when Amy Rose goes missing. Our heroes pair in an effort to maximize their effectiveness, Sonic and Tails investigate the Mystic Ruins; Sally, Nate and Nicole pore through the city records looking for a loophole in the Chaos legend that may help defeat the menace; and Bunnie and Antoine search for the missing Amy. As Chaos morphs and melds and ultimately spreads, our heroes are led down a path of increasingly treacherous trials! Where will it end? Can our heroes stop the impending eclipse and let their bright light shine once more?

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