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SOME ENCHANTRA EVENING: Chapter Two? Special cross-over madness issue, guest-starring Sabrina The Teenage Witch and the cast from the upcoming Sonic Underground! animated TV series! Picking up where May's Sabrina The Teenage Witch #28 left off, the action continues as a mind-controlled Sonic invades Westbridge to do Enchantra's bidding! Will he snap out of it, or will Sabrina have to use every trick in her magical arsenal to stop the onslaught?! As if things couldn't get any worse, Enchantra left the portal to Mobius, Sonic's home planet, open who knows what diabolical super- villains may follow Sonic into Sabrina's world?! Also in this issue: "Zone Wars: A Tale of Two Hedgehogs (more or less...)," by Karl Bollers, Jim Valentino, & Harvey Mercadoocasio. Sonic goes zone-hopping in pursuit of Evil Sonic, who's been impersonating Sonic to retrieve Giant-Borg components for a fiendish plot! Along the way, he lands smack-dab in the middle of Sonic Underground's world where Sonic, his sister Sonia, and his brother Manic are rock stars. This alternate Sonic and his friends are swept into the adventure, and even run up against a Robotnik from their world! Can the blue blur save his guitar-slinging double? Will a new hero be born this day? The answers await in this thrill-packed issue!

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