super_man_23's Sonic Hide & Seek & Destroy! Free Comic Book Day Edition #1 - Hide And Seek And Destroy review

Sonic's Free Comic Book Day, 2010! Review (re-published)

And That is That. Just like the old times." - Sonic. Sonics new adventure starts here! Join Sonic while he searches for Eggman and his cohorts.  

The Good

Tracy Yardley's cover for this sonic comic is awesome. it really shows the contrast of the colors in the cover. This is a great way to start a new story. As always Sonic is back to finish what he started. Finding Eggman and stopping him. For those who have not kept up with sonic in awhile should start with this new story line. It also has recaps on what has happened in the past year (2009). So the reader can either start here or pick up the issues from 2009. It will explain how Eggman went from mad scientist to insane scientist. The interior artwork looked good as usual. 

The Bad

The writing didn't flow like in previous Sonic comics. It might just be beginning, but new readers should get something that makes them want to pick up the next issue.  

The Verdict

Overall it had great art. We get to have the recaps for new readers, and also more on what is going to happen in Sonics new adventure. It is a 3.5 out of 5. 

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