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The MxYL Timelines

Sonia was one of Lara-Su's best friends in the M25YL timeline and was the one who told her that Manik had a crush on her. She attended a slumber party with Lara-Su and a group of friends, which Manik tried to butt in on. When her father went into the past to correct an error that was destroying the timeline, she was erased from existence along with her brother.
In the M30YL timeline, Sonia and her brother Manik were born five years after Sonic brought King Shadow's regime to an end and married Sally. Sonia and Manik are constantly being babysit by Lara-Su and, following King Shadow's second defeat, are now members of a whole new generation of Freedom Fighters led by their Father.

Other Versions

In Dr. Eggman's native timeline, Sonia and Manik were already around the ages of their current 25YL counterparts when Eggman used a piece of The Giant Borg to rebuild his old "Robo-Robotnik" body. Sonia was seen having a picnic with her parents, brother and grandfather when Eggman bombarded Mobotropolis with nuclear weapons, Sonia and the rest of her family in the process.

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