Definitive Songbird moment?!

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From Jeff Parker's twitter:

Kev Walker just sent in what I'm sure will become the definitive Songbird scene for years, for better or worse

This sounds scary. Like her dying or turning evil scary.

God, now I'm scared!

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@Cafeterialoca: I thought Songbird was a goodie now!

#3 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1504 posts) - - Show Bio

@infonation: She is still a good guy.

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What a weird bump O_o

And definitive Songbird moment will always be this

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@X35: Awesome, just... AWESOME... It's good to finally see somebody besides Spider-Man stand up to the Green Goblin! Thank you so much for this!

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She gets her full power set back.

@infonation: Luke cage beat him like a red headed step child when he found out he attacked Jessica Drew when she was pregnant with his kid.

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@sonny1: Seriously? Times like this I ALMOST feel sorry for Norman Osborn! He seems to have a unique talent for making people want to beat the squiggles out of his hair! LOL

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