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Sondra Crain is the first authorized chronal mission specialist of the United States government and the first person to use Project Slipshift.


Sondra was created by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund for their run on Booster Gold

Major Story Arcs

The Tomorrow Memory

80 years in the future, Sondra is ready to be the first person that the US government sends back in time and retrieved but something happens, and Sondra is sent back in time but might not be able to return on her own. She is successfully sent back to the day of when Hank Henshaw is about to board the shuttle Excalibur, as going to be sent into space but she unsuccessful in assassinating him due to the involvement of Booster Gold.

She then finds herself Coast City the day that is is going to be destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, but she is unable to alert the authorities in time and is again stopped by Booster Gold. This time Booster takes pity on Sondra and let her rescue a little girl, Grace Greene. Sondra and Grace are then sent back to Sondra's home time by Skeets.

Powers and Abilities

Sondra possesses no know powers and her time travel ability is due to theSlip Shift machine and not herself.

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