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Tech thanks the mysterious woman, Shadowmage, for saving her and Troy Wilde's life. She makes plans to meet up with her later that night while she takes Troy to the hospital for his eyes, since he was blinded by Casino previously. Shadowmage uses her magic to make Casino forget the past month of her life so she won't be a threat anymore. When the hospital confirms that Troy is blind, he asks Tech if she could get him eye implants the same way that she received implants. She agrees to do it. Tech, Dropkick and Shadowmage meet at a bar later and a mysterious man comes in that alarms Shadowmage. She informs Tech and Dropkick he was a Darkurian and prone to violence. The man then just leaves after noticing Shadowmage, an Aerwan, there. Shadowmage uses her magic to divine that she will join Tech on her team as well as one other person. Suddenly the mysterious Darkurian from before crashes through the window, fighting against an alien creature. Tech, Shadowmage and Dropkick assist the man, who is Outrage, and joins them for survival. The Solution is formed and they show Dragon Fang that they are going to be trouble for them until Lela receives her company back. After dealing with some Dragon Fang members, Shadowmage feels a presence of a powerful force and proclaims that someone is after her.

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