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Lela Cho turns to an old boyfriend of hers for assistance, particularly because he is well connected. The ex-boyfriend gives her the number to someone named Troy Wilde and says that Troy could help her. Meanwhile, the Dragon Fang hired an assassin named Casino to track Lela down and kill her. Lela plans a meeting with Troy in a nightclub, the place that Casino has tracked Lela. When Casino sees Troy, she can automatically tell he is a fighter and there for Lela. The two fight while Lela makes her escape from the club. In a short time she meets with Troy who informs her that he is a trained martial artist and the rest of his past will be kept a mystery. When Lela tells him her tale, he tells her that they should go to England for more help. They arrive in a secret place in England where ultras meet and are attacked by Casino again. A woman who happened to be in the secret place, Shadowmage, places a spell on Casino to stop her, but not before she blinds Troy with some throwing cards.

This origin is told by Lela Cho in the cemetery where her father is buried. The Dragon Fang continues to hunt Lela down to the present day and they are prepared with a sniper to take her and Dropkick out in the cemetery.







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