Talk to me about Solomon Grundy

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I'm fascinated with the idea of him.  Since I don't really know alot about him or have ever read about him in a comic~ Do you think it is worth it to get the comics he is in? I know there was a one shot of him, and also a 7 issue series that just ended... 
What say you? 
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I'd say yes to the one shot no to the series.I understand they wanted to do an issue for every day of the week but the story wasn't really strong enough to sustain it for that long.On the plus side the Scott Kolins artwork is very good and it does have an ending that's Blackest Night related so I have a feeling we'll be seeing him again soon
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Salomon Grundy Is one of my top five favorite villeins and I enjoyed both the one shot and the minnie. He had an awesome story in JLA as well I can't remember the issue numbers tho.
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 Though I appreciate you moving this to this forum. It seems like a ghost town in here...Would have had more replies where it was...

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The solomon grundy mini and one shot are great, you should get them both and you get a firm concept of what he is and how strong he is.

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...born on a Monday. 
Voiced by Mark Hammill in the JL series.

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