So what do you think will happen him?

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So, like the title says, what do you think will happen to to DC's resident zombie in the DCnU. Remain a villan, turn good, maybe even stop dying lol. I'm just askin cuz i'm not even sure when his last story was or what he was doing before the relaunch.

Oops just realized i forgot to put 'to' in the title. It should 'to him' lol

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@RScottH08: Solomon Grundy's curse was broken and he died permanently until Blackest Night were he was resurrected as a Black Lantern but was driven into the sun by Bizarro and the ring was destroyed along with Grundy's body.

Basically he was dead. lol

But if I had to guess he maybe brought back for Earth-2 but I wouldn't hold my breath cause Grundy seems like once he died he's gonna stay dead for a good while.

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With how the new DC fighting game is based on the Jim Lee designs, chances are that Grundy appears around the release and hype of the game early next year.

Most likely he'll be sporting the design used in the game as well.

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