How much tons can he lift

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How many tons can solomon grundy lift up.

#2 Posted by Unbelonger (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

There are several versions of Grundy, some pretty weak and some very strong. I believe at his strongest he is on superman level.


#3 Posted by Unbelonger (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

I suppose.


#4 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

at superman huh? so does that mean he could lift over 200quiltillion tons?

#5 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

pretty powerful

#6 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

Ketch says:

"Zenma says:
"at superman huh? so does that mean he could lift over 200quiltillion tons?"

That's All-Star Superman."

i know that just wanted to know what version they're talking about

#7 Posted by Ketch (332 posts) - - Show Bio

Zenma says:

"at superman huh? so does that mean he could lift over 200quiltillion tons?"

That's All-Star Superman.

#8 Posted by SGrundy (4 posts) - - Show Bio

i think anyone who can left over 175 tons should be erased from history.      200quiltillon tons...... stupid no one should be able to move a planet unless there someone like a god...... at one period he could lift as much as reg. Supes... well written Supes.

he could take punches from supes and shrug them off so at one point he was just as powerful as Supes

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If this is PC Grundy at his most powerful, then he was shown to be at least as strong as PC Superman on occasions so getting on towards planet moving strength.
Some incarnations of post crisis Grundy has proven capable of also standing up to Superman. So they could definately lift millions of tonnes.
The most recent version of Grundy appeared to significantly weaker, struggling against Red Tornado's winds. To my mind that would suggest that although his strength might still be in the thousands of tonnes range, he is still weak to his earlier incarnations.

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I think he can he can lift well over 100 tons with minimal effort in his most weakest incarnations.

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Planet moving does NOT apply as weight lifting. You need to stand between 2 contraditory forces (ex: floor and big rock) and endure the gravity that binds them. That's weight lifting.
Moving an object, doesn't matter if it's a planet, standing in a non-gravity situation requires much less effort. Without gravity, the notion of weight does not exist.

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not as much as SUNMAN!!!!

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Grundy at his best was at Superman levels of Strength
#14 Posted by ilikedonuts (2516 posts) - - Show Bio

well y'know, there's a bunch'a people sayin' Grundy's strength, power an' durability comes from his different incarnations, but others say Grundy feeds off his enemies' powers, increasin' his strength, power an' durability.

I dunno which one is true, but if it's about the incarnations, then at weakest he could probably lift just 1 ton or somethin', cuz Batman an' Wildcat could hurt him at his weakest…at his mid-level or somethin' I think his way above 100 tons in strength na' power, an' at his strongest he should be able ta lift billions of tons.

But if he really does feed off his enemies' powers, then it all depends on how strong an' powerful his enemies are.

But since this thread is like 6 years old, I dunno if I really had ta answer this.

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