Arkham Asylum Vlog: Solomon Grundy

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With my month for monsters coming to an end, Solomon Grundy takes the last recognition of one of my personal favorite rampaging monsters within comics.


   Something that I thought Grundy to be, an average powerhouse villain with the intelligence compared to a garden slug, something we see a lot within the villain department. But looking deeper inside Grundy’s history, I see something much more different and much more frightening than what I expected. The fact that Grundy isn’t on Death’s party list and how DC managed to alter this powerhouse dead man into something darker has me amazed how quickly I found Grundy as one of my personal favorite villains.

Much like a valuable lesson Stephen King taught his readers with Pet Cemetery, “Death can be good”, with Solomon Grundy you would find yourself catching onto that lesson and realize why he mostly isn’t in the greatest mood. But the main reason why I find Grundy a perfect and rare villain, is because of how he successfully puts horror into comics and how horror within comics died away a long time ago. If you don’t believe me, I would suggest reading his recent storyline where he tries to find out who was responsible for his own death as Cyrus Gold and which was the build-up for him becoming a Black Lantern.

Of course Grundy may be a villain that some wouldn’t take seriously, but there is a reason why Grundy is one of the villains who should be recognized as being badass. The fact that he individually took out Killer Croc, Amazo, Poison Ivy (after giving her a Grundy smooch), the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott), and the fact that he enjoys acting like a one-man army. Even the DCAU has him kicking Cthulhu’s ass, one of the most infamous dark gods from H. P. Lovecraft, sadly he would later die from being poked and poisoned by something no bigger than a cat (sad scene).

Without giving any more away from Grundy’s interesting history, personally I find him as one of the most successful villains and one of my favorites. Another Arkham Asylum vlog, Channel Badguy gives you Slaughter Swamps lurching zombie.

Hope you enjoy and I thank you for watching. 


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Great blog, mate! I'm shocked you haven't been given more attention. I stumbled onto it when I was scanning SG's wiki page.

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