theomegaman's Solomon Grundy #1 - Born on a Monday review

Solomon Grundy or Green lantern?

Eh. Bought this 7 issue set on ebay because I like the idea of Solomon Grundy. Until I read the first issue that is... 
It was ok. But it's hard to really like a character when he has no redeeming qualities at all. And that is Solomon Grundy or Cyrus Gold. He was a killer reborn into a killer. Big Whoop. He didn't really have a sad story that you can latch onto. Unless you care about his father kicking his ass and being abusive.  
It also seems to me the story of Solomon Grundy is more about Green Lantern and the Blackest Night tie in. Yawn. I'm not a fan of Blackest Night so I guess that makes it worse for me. It just seems like, in issue 1, they could have made it more about Cyrus Gold and Solomon Grundy then anything else. But I guess they couldn't piece together enough story for that.  
Well I have all issues of this run so look for some more ho hum reviews!  
A sleepy 3 out of 5 rating.

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