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To start with, DC Comics short-lived series Solo is a must-read and highly recommended to any serious comic book readers. I mean serious too because not only is the writing is more than an average comic book, but the art is very involved too. Unlike most comic book series, this took me a few days to finish.I loved almost all of the art and enjoyed a fair amount of the writing.

Tim Sale’s part I think was the strongest with the writing. The story with Supergirl was a real sweet, but very sad at the same time.I enjoyed the story “Low Card in the Hole” too. It had that classic film noir feel to it. The artwork is great as all of what Sale does too.

Richard Corben’s part was the only one I really disliked both the stories and the art.I was not a fan of how he drew the anatomy. It seemed like he was trying to make it look realistic, but it seemed off in some areas. The stories in this issue were a little confusing to me too. Not sure what I was reading.

Paul Pope’s part is one I thought I would not like at first. Once I read it, I really liked this one.I found his artwork unique. Kind of reminded me of Watchmen where is looks old, but in a gritty modern approach. I liked his stories he told too. The Minotaur story was my favorite.

Howard Chaykin’s art again I did not care for. I do not really like how he draws his faces. Unlike Corben’s issue, I actually like Chaykin’s story telling. He writes like is about to write a movie or a television show. Which I think works for a comic book.

Darwyn Cooke’s part I think I liked the best. He used many of his styles he used in Catwoman and DC: The New Frontier. Unlike the other issues, this one is set up almost as frame story, with Slam Bradley telling stories at a bar waiting for Selina to arrive.

Jordi Bernet’s issue was another good one too. The art is simpler than the others are, but love the comic strip feel to it. He reminded me of the art in the Blondie comics. I liked the story with Poison Ivy and Batman quite a bit.

Michael Allred’s bit was my favorite and the most fun to read. It had a lot of characters in the comic that would make any DC fan enjoy the issue. Allred’s art is always just fun to look at because he draws in a way that makes it like candy.

Teddy Kristiansen’s issue was more of a painting then the others. He draws more as impressionist then a comic book artist. It is interesting to see his style in a comic book and yet it works for stories told in the Victorian era.

Scott Hampton’s piece was good I think.I was not familiar to him at all and ended up liking how he draws. I liked how he drew his monsters/aliens. Not only his art, but also I was surprised with his writing too.He kept you at the edge of your seat.

Damion Scott’s graffiti art was just simply cool. Loved seeing the graffiti style work in a comic book format. It fills up the page full of color and makes it look cool too. I also liked the fact that his issue was one of the simplest to read.

Sergio Aragones’ issue made me really appreciate this artist/writer.His artwork is very cartoony, but it fits well for his personality. Aragones obviously has a big hart too and a huge dedication with what he does. It shows with the stories he tells too.

I think I took a drip to DC’s Wonderland with Brendan McCarthy. His artwork is very trippy and psychedelic. Makes you feel like you are taking something even though you are sober. His artwork is very complex and was glad to see the stories present more as poems in this issue.

As I said in the beginning, Solo is a must-read for serious comic book readers. Even though there were a few issues that were okay, I really enjoyed this book. Something I can go back to again and again just to look at the art.It is sad it only lasted 12 issues. I would have loved to see other artist do there take on a single issue. Maybe DC Comics can make a new mini-series spin-off with new artist. If not, I really enjoyed this and glad it finally came out on trade.

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I was gonna buy this anyway, but you`ve still managed to pump excitement to my insides.

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