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SOLITAIRE, The World Of Solitaire takes place in The Ultraverse, the founding fathers of which agreed to allow each other the ability to "play" with the others characters in a "big sandbox" fashion.  While The NightMan took place in a "San Francisco of the mind", Solitaire seemed to take place in a Los Angeles of the near future, although this is never formally stated.
Under the mask Solitaire is Nicholas Lone, the son of Anton Lone: a criminal with L.A. clenched in his fist.  The elder Lone has worked his entire life to create a city he could rule and pass on to his son in the form of a new legacy that Anton Lone ripped from the gods, unhappy with what he was truly destined for.  Gun running, gambling, drugs, prostitution, Anton Lone mastered all of it letting no one get in his way, including Nicholas' own mother.  By Nicholas' 8th birthday the Lone family was all ready richer than anyone could dream of and little Nicholas began hating it.

SOLITAIRE, The Identity

 Even before the costume clad menace began dismantling Anton Lone's organization from the inside out, a ghost in the machine crept up here and there, whispered in the halls of the Lone household.  Anton and his right hand Jin would hear rumblings of "him" spoken about by the men in Anton's employ.  There were other traces as well; including print outs, lines of code, and computerized foot prints of something called a "hacker" sticking it's cybernetic nose into Anton Lone's business.
In reality this was always Nicholas, disgusted with what he learned of his father on a daily basis and wishing that his mother was still around to talk to about it.  Where was his mother?

SOLITAIRE, The Masked Man As Nicholas neared manhood Anton took a more active approach to parenting his only son.  With raging hormones fighting within him, and an over indulgent father befriending him on the outside Nicholas began to loose interest in "Solitiare".  Driving the car of his dreams, dressed to the nines, surrounded by beautiful women, and all financed by a father with a newly found "you only live once" attitude Nicholas took to his fathers lifestyle full on.
That, Nicholas would decide later, was the problem.  One he couldn't live with.  Unfortunately, much like Anton's own destiny, Nicholas' life path was not set by him self, his father intervened with top of the line foreign medical procedures that not only saved Nicholas' life but made him better.  Little microscopic computerized robots, called nanites, were injected into Nicholas making him faster, stronger, and much more resilient than the average man.  Upon awakening from his hospital bed, Anton looked to Nicholas to be ready to follow in his fathers foot steps - reborn for the task at hand. 
While Nicholas also considered him self reborn, it was not as Nicholas Lone but Solitaire.
Siphoning resources from his father Solitaire began recruiting agents of his own, some of which were from his fathers own organization, in his battle to rid the city of it's cancer: Anton Lone.

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